3 Year Old Kinder

Three-year old Program
Research shows the importance of two years of quality pre-school education in the years prior to school.  A three year old kindergarten program is an opportunity for children to develop their social skills, confidence and communication skills.

  • Children are eligible to enrol for the three-year old group providing they will turn three years of age by 30 April in the year of commencement.
  • Children must have turned three before they are eligible to attend their first session.
  • As no funding from the government is received for this program, parents/guardians must pay full fees in advance. This covers the cost of wages, insurance, materials and amenities to run the program.
  • Children who turn three between January and April of the year they are to attend are strongly recommended to discuss their options with the kindergarten teacher in regard to commencing or delaying starting kinder.
How to apply
  • Contact Chelsea Kindergarten to receive an application form or download one here. Complete the form and submit it (together with your child’s birth certificate and vaccination certificate) to Chelsea Kindergarten.
  • Applications may be processed on or after your child’s second birthday. Applications must be received by the end of Term Two the year prior to your child attending. Applications received after this date will be allocated in order of receipt and will be allocated according to our Allocation of Places Policy.
  • Preference is given to children who turn three years of age by the 1st January of the year of commencement.
  • Full payment from the first day of Term One is required if a place is to be reserved for a child in the three-year old kindergarten program. (for children who have not yet turned three)
  • Two places will be saved, at the discretion of the Committee and the class teacher, at the beginning of the year for any child deemed eligible to complete a second year in the three year old or four year old group. If these positions are not filled by deferred children then they will go to the next child on the waiting list.
  • Lodging an application does not guarantee enrolment.