Chelsea Kindergarten hosts a community based sessional kindergarten program for three and four year old children. The Kindergarten is operated by a voluntary parent Committee of Management.

In late 2018 we relocated to our current brand new centre after 60 years at our previous premises. We continue to build strong relationships with our local school communities that will support and enhance children’s transition to primary school.  Our teaching staff have many years of experience working in early childhood education and are passionate about the role it plays in the life of a child and their family.

We provide a diverse and holistic curriculum for children and value:

    • Natural play opportunities such as bush and beach kindergarten programs, outdoor and active play, sand, mud, water and clay experiences
    • Sustainable and environmentally friendly experiences such as gardening, recycling in our kindergarten rooms, upcycling and recycling materials and resources for our programs, and learning how to care for and respect our community
    • Indoor and outdoor play based experiences as well as mat time and whole group activities
    • Opportunities for children to develop literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum
    • Children’s emotional and physical wellbeing and health that is promoted through a variety of practices such as mindfulness and yoga, active play outdoors, the development of emotional regulation skills and the ability to recognise and express how they are feeling
    • Snack and meal times (provided by families) provide opportunities for children to come together to share food and conversation. Responsibility for cleanliness, belongings, and recycling is strongly promoted.

Have a look inside our fabulous facility here: