Annual General Meeting 2020


The Annual General Meeting of Chelsea Kindergarten Association Incorporated will be held virtually on Monday 30th November 2020 at 7:00pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to share what we’ve learned in this COVID riddled year, report the financial position of the kinder, find out ways you can get involved, and vote to elect new members to the 2021 committee through a poll on the online video platform.

All the important documents including the Notice of AGM are below:

How you can get involved with the kindergarten

Chelsea Kindergarten is community run. This means that we are run by a volunteer committee of parents and we rely heavily on funds raised from fundraising events, grants, and fees. Without parent participation we would not be able to achieve nearly as much. Ultimately without your support as members of the kindergarten we would not be able to provide important resources for the attending children.

Our Committee of Management

The committee works as a team to achieve tasks and make decisions in the best interest of the kindergarten. Free training is available for all committee members via ELAA (Early Learning Association of Australia).

Being on the committee means you contribute to your local community, feel more connected with your local community, foster a sense of achievement as you see your input into the running of the kinder making positive changes, create friendships with like minded parents and is a good resume filler if you are currently unemployed but working at home as a stay at home parent.

In 2021, committee meetings will be held every 2nd month either as an online meeting or in person. Business to be addressed outside the committee meetings will be done so via email.

2021 Committee of Management election

Below are links to the position descriptions for the Executive Committee and two form options to nominate for the committee.

Aside from the executive positions, the rest of the committee will be made up of a collaborative working committee of which you can nominate to join. Any tasks needing resolution will be presented via email and/or at committee meetings, where committee members can assign themselves to action the request.

President position description
Vice President position description
Treasurer position description
Secretary position description


Online – Committee Nomination form (below)

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