At times throughout the year children will be involved in excursions that are appropriate with the current kindergarten program. Parents will be notified well in advance of these events.

All parents must sign a permission form allowing their child to attend/participate in the excursion.  We cannot allow a child to participate unless we receive the permission form beforehand.

All members of staff are required to attend the excursions; therefore, those children who are not permitted to attend the excursion will be unable to attend kindergarten on that day. Siblings who are not enrolled in the kindergarten program are not permitted to attend the excursion.

Risk assessment are completed for excursions as required by the National Regulations.

Regular outing permission forms may also be given to families to complete.  Regular outings are those that are attended regularly and within a 2 km radius of the kindergarten.  Parents will still be advised of regular outings and the date and times of these experiences but are not required to give permission each time.