For Parents

Kindergarten news and information

Parents are asked to regularly check:

  • ClassDojo
  • Your child’s pocket and bag
  • Notice boards on the gates as well as in the foyer
  • Emails to parent/guardian
  • Chelsea Kindergarten’s Facebook page and website
  • Invoices are sent via email

View our Information Handbook here.

Self Help Skills
A major part of our pre-school program is helping the children to become independent.  Therefore we encourage the child to put on their own smocks, shoes and socks, etc.  We encourage them to clean up after themselves at activities and fruit time.  We also encourage independence at toileting routines.  We would appreciate it if you can assist them in developing these skills at home as well.

Outside Play
If your child is unwell and cannot go outside, we cannot allow them to stay inside while we are supervising children outdoors.  If you believe your child is too ill to participate in outdoor activities they should remain at home.

Change of Details
Parents MUST advise the kindergarten immediately when there is a change of address and phone number.  It is important the staff are able to contact you quickly should the need arise.

Informing staff of Custody conditions
It is the parents/legal guardian’s responsibility to provide staff with the relevant information to ensure your child’s safety.

If a child has an accident after admission to Chelsea Kindergarten, arrangements will be made to ensure parents / guardians are advised and appropriate treatment is received as soon as possible.

Victoria’s Reportable Conduct Scheme
The Reportable Conduct Scheme aims to improve organisations’ responses to allegations of child abuse or child-related misconduct. It also aims to prevent people who pose a risk to children continuing with organisations that work closely with children. It achieves these aims by requiring heads of organisations to report to the Commission for Children and Young People any allegation that one of their workers or volunteers has committed child abuse or child-related misconduct. The organisation must carry out an investigation into these allegations and report its findings to the Commission.

The Commission for Children and Young People is an independent oversight body that administers the Reportable Conduct Scheme. The Commission has the authority to oversee and enforce organisations’ compliance with the scheme. The Commission also supports organisations in understanding and implementing the scheme.