Session Information

Please notify the teacher if your child is absent for more than one session e.g. illness or holidays.

  • Please be prompt in arriving, as well as collecting your child from the Centre. Children tend to become unsettled if picked up late. You must alert educators if you are likely to be late collecting your child.
  • If on arrival at kinder the air lock entry doors are locked, parents can be buzzed in by staff using the intercom located to the right of the entrance.
  • Children must not be dropped off or left alone outside the Centre before the morning or afternoon sessions. Parents/caregivers need to remain with their child and escort them into the playroom when the session commences. The kindergarten door will not be open until the start of each session therefore parents / caregivers are responsible for children in the waiting area prior to commencement.
  • Ensure the educator is aware that your child has arrived at the Kindergarten.
  • Parents are encouraged to assist their child in settling in at kindergarten and are welcome to participate in the centre’s activities.
  • Younger or older children cannot be left at the Centre without a parent or guardian present.
  • The children need to stay on the mat until their parent/caregiver arrives and a member of staff calls their name to go home.


  • If someone other than a parent or caregiver is to collect your child from Kindergarten they must be a person authorised to do so on the child’s enrolment form. As a courtesy please let Kindergarten staff know if an authorised person will be collecting your child and place their name in the attendance book.
  • If an unauthorised person collects your child from kindergarten, the staff must be advised, preferably in writing (handwritten, emailed, faxed) or if necessary verbally over the phone. Staff will need to know the name, address and telephone number of the person that will be collecting your child. An authorisation form is included with this booklet and is also available from the Kindergarten.
  • If providing a verbal authorisation, two educators must take your authorisation message. The verbal authorisation will be documented and stored with the child’s enrolment record for follow-up. When parents are next at the service they must complete an authorisation form OR add details of the new authorised nominee to the child’s enrolment form.
  • The person will be asked to show photo identification to confirm their identity on arrival at the Kindergarten.
  • The person dropping off or picking up children from kindergarten must be 16 years old and over.
  • Educators and/or Committee of Management (Approved Provider) have the right to:
    • refuse to release a child where authorisation is not/cannot be provided by the parent/guardian or authorised nominee
    • contact police if the safety of the child or service staff is threatened
    • implement late collection procedures if required

* Please read Chelsea Kindergarten’s Delivery and Collection of Children Policy for more information.

Attendance Book

In accordance with the Children’s Services Regulations 1988 parents/caregivers or an authorised person is required to bring and collect their child from the building every kindergarten session. The attendance book must be completed every time your child enters and leaves their kindergarten session.

  • The time of arrival and name/signature of who is bringing the child to kindergarten must be entered for verification purposes.
  • This person must also state in clear print the full name of who’s collecting the child at the end of the session in case he/she is late and needs to be contacted.
  • The person’s details must be at kindergarten as an authorised person to collect the child.
  • The child must be signed out at the end of every session with the time of collection.
  • It is a legal requirement the attendance book is completed promptly every session.

What to Bring to Kindergarten

  • A lunch box with a healthy snack for your child – no nuts or nut related products please.  During our longer sessions in the 4 year old programmes, the children are required to bring a piece of fruit, a morning tea snack and a separate lunch.  Please clearly label all drink bottles, snack and lunch boxes.
  • A kinder bag
  • Spare clothing in case your child gets wet or has an accident.
  • Your child’s medication – asthma inhalers, anaphylaxis auto-injection devices, spacers etc. during all sessions. These must be provided to staff with an authorized Action Plan prior to enrolment.
  • Prescription medication must be given to a staff member and the medication book completed with a staff member.
  • Sunscreen should be applied prior to attending kindergarten sessions between the beginning of September and the end of April. Teachers will also have a supply and will assist your child to apply sunscreen on their skin.
  • A coat for winter is necessary as we try to get outside as much as possible.
  • Please ensure children wear enclosed shoes with good grip for climbing and playing outdoors.
  • Provide a drink bottle filled with water or we have a drinking fountain outside.

Please ensure your child wears comfortable clothing.  Casual clothes at kinder allow the children to become involved in play and not to feel upset or worried about getting dirty. At kinder we often do messy activities and whilst we provide smocks, children will feel inhibited if dressed in clothes that are not allowed to get dirty.

The kinder has spare clothing; however, children do prefer their own clothes.  If your child borrows some kinder clothing, please wash these and return them as soon as possible, as our supplies are short.


The kindergarten provides each child with their own wide brimmed style hat to wear for the year (kept at kinder). This style of hat covers neck, ears, temples, face and nose as outlined in the Sun Protection Policy.

Bringing Toys to Kindergarten

Please ensure children do not bring toys, especially ‘war toys’ from home to kindergarten. The only exception is when specifically asked by the teacher to bring something appropriate the child can talk about at Show and Tell etc. There are a few very good reasons:

  • The kindergarten sessions are programmed and personal toys can detract from the experiences set up for them to explore other ideas/equipment.
  • Toys from home are often lost or broken at kindergarten.

Birthdays and Celebrations

  • You are welcome to bring a treat for your child to celebrate their birthday. We cannot accept cakes due to allergies and risk of anaphylaxis. Please check with a staff member prior to bringing treats to kinder.
  • Parents of children with dietary requirements or food allergies are required to let staff know of their requirements. Staff will then take the steps to set up a management plan for the child.
  • When bringing ‘a plate’ for celebrations/break-ups please ensure the food is acceptable and not a high risk category food item, such as nuts of any kind.
  • If parents do not want their children to participate then they will be asked to supply their own items which can be stored at the kindergarten and handed out when necessary.

Stay and Play

  • Parents are very welcome to attend kindergarten sessions for the full session or a period of time that suits them.
  • We highly value the participation of parents in the program.
  • A roster will be on display during the year if you wish to sign up and you are also welcome to attend at short notice.
  • When on kindergarten duty, parents are reminded to follow our Code of Conduct Policy and will work under the direct supervision of staff. A Working With Children check is not required as you are volunteering at an activity that your child is attending.
  • Whilst at kinder, we encourage you to participate in experiences and activities with the children, provide help and support to children if required and assist staff at routines such as snack, lunch and packing away times.

We may ask for help with some cleaning such as wiping down tables and sweeping.